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Acuity Scheduling Setup

You’ve heard all about the magical time-saving properties of Acuity Scheduling and you’re ready to streamline your business ASAP. But adapting to the latest and greatest tech has never been your strong suit and you’re not sure how to get things up and running. I’ve got you covered.


Stop Wasting Time

Does This Sound Like You?

“I spend way too much time manually scheduling appointments and invoicing clients. And the back-and-forth emails to pin down a time are murder.”

“I want to raise my prices but my onboarding process is a mess. I hate it, my clients hate it, and it doesn't reflect well on my business.”

“I need a system that completely automates appointment scheduling, payment, intake forms, and everything else I need to onboard a client.”

Acuity Scheduling can…

  • Save you time and help you stress less.

  • Streamline your onboarding process.

  • Improve client relations by making it easier than ever to signup for your class or service.

  • Give you the confidence to raise your prices.

  • Close more sales without doing more work.

  • Avoid embarrassing scheduling mistakes, like incorrect time zone conversion.


Ready to get started?


Let’s Get Streamlining

Acuity Setup Packages 

Say sayonara to time-wasting tasks like sending invoices, scheduling appointments by email, and doing everything by hand.




Everything you need to get started.


45-minute strategy call

Up to 3 Acuity calendars

Up to 5 appointment types

Unlimited Acuity integrations

Acuity form styling to match your brand

Acuity form installation on your site

3 months of Acuity free for new customers



For the go-getter who wants it all.


45-minute strategy call

Unlimited Acuity calendars

Unlimited appointment types

Acuity & Zapier integrations

Acuity form styling to match your brand

Acuity form installation on your site

3 months of Acuity free for new customers


The 3-Step
Setup Process

I. Strategize

First, we’ll hop on a strategy call and go over all the important details–your appointment schedule, integrations, etc.


II. Setup

Next, I’ll set up your Acuity account and integrations. Then I'll style your Acuity form and embed it in your website.

III. Review

Finally, you’ll review everything and give the final thumbs up or let me know if something needs to be tweaked.

If you need classes or appointment times added to your Acuity account on a regular basis, you’ll have the option to book a monthly retainer package.



Have a question that’s not on the list? Email me and let’s chat!

How do I know if Acuity Scheduling is the right solution for my business?

Acuity Scheduling is ideal if you want to fully automate the process of onboarding clients for appointments or group classes. If you offer discovery calls, consultations, online or on-location classes, tours, or sessions, Acuity is a great fit. Acuity is not well suited to hotel or rental property owners, or anyone who wants to rent out a space.

Which integrations are included in the Essentials Package?

Acuity has built-in integrations with a number of accounting, email marketing, analytics, and video conferencing softwares. You can see the full list of Acuity integrations here.

Which integrations are included with the Unlimited Package?

The Unlimited Plan includes any integrations that can be achieved through Zapier. You can see the full list of apps Zapier can connect with here.

I'm not sure which package is right for me.

Send me an email and I'll help you figure it out!

Which Acuity Scheduling plan is right for my business?

You can read all about the features of each Acuity Scheduling plan here. If you're still not sure, email me and I'll help you figure it out.

Which payment processors work with Acuity?

Paypal, Stripe, and Square integrate seamlessly with Acuity.

Does Acuity charge fees to process payment?

No, Acuity doesn't take a cut of your earnings. Only the fees from the payment processor you choose (Paypal, Stripe, or Square) apply.

What kind of information can I collect when clients sign up through Acuity?

With Acuity's customizable intake forms, you can collect any information you want. You can even require clients to consent to terms and conditions.

Will my Acuity calendar sync with my main calendar?

Your Acuity calendar can be set up to sync with your Google, Apple, or Outlook calendar.

How long does the setup process take?

For the Essentials Package, 5-7 business days. For the Unlimited Package, 7-10 business days.

What if I need ongoing help to set up new classes, appointment types, etc.?

I offer Acuity maintinance packages starting at $100/mo. Email me and I'll give you a quote based on your needs.


Ready to automate your business?