How to Skyrocket Your Pinterest Reach with Tailwind

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Are you frustrated with the agonizingly slow growth of your blog?

That’s where I was two years ago. At the time, I was using every trick I knew to boost my traffic. I consistently wrote high-quality content, optimized my headlines, and intensely promoted my blog posts on Pinterest.

I honed my Pinterest strategy as well. I created beautiful vertical pins for each post, cleaned up my boards, optimized my profile, switched from a personal Pinterest account to a business account, enabled rich pins, wrote better pin descriptions, shared pins on group boards, and started scheduling my pins with Buffer.

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These strategies resulted in significant growth. I more than tripled my blog traffic and most of that new traffic came from Pinterest. But it took nine months.

Nine months is an awfully long time to wait for results after putting in that much work. So I decided to switch things up.

Despite my anxiety about the additional cost, I signed up for Tailwind*, a Pinterest scheduler with a reputation for being user-friendly.

I didn’t actually expect it to do anything extra for my traffic. I just figured that if growth was going to come so slowly, I should at least save time by using a scheduler that didn’t require me to spend two hours each week painstakingly filling 56 time slots.

I just wanted to shave some time and tedium off my schedule, you know?

Little did I know how radically Tailwind would change my life.

When I switched to Tailwind, things instantly began to change.

First off, the Tailwind’s interface is so efficient and easy to use, I was able to schedule 3x the number of pins in half the time it took with Buffer. No joke. I was in heaven.

But here’s the real kicker: my Pinterest reach and blog traffic SKYROCKETED.

In November 2016, I had about 17k page views on my blog. In January, I reached 90k.

Quantcast Stats Before and After Switching to Tailwind

That’s a 5x increase. In 3 months.

And check out what happened to my Pinterest analytics:

Pinterest Reach Before and After Switching to Tailwind

My Pinterest reach grew from under 500k in November to over 2M in January.

None of my Pinterest strategies changed. The only difference was Tailwind.

And honestly, I wasn’t even using Tailwind to its fullest potential. At the time, Tailwind Tribes (an amazing traffic-boosting, community-building feature) were still in beta and I didn’t sign up to be a test user. If I could quintuple (!) my traffic in 3 months using only Tailwind’s most basic features, imagine what you can do with it now!

Tailwind paid for itself in just a few weeks with the increased ad revenue I was earning thanks to all that extra traffic. As a result, my total 2017 blogging income was substantially higher than in 2016. (And that’s saying a lot because my monetization strategy was woefully underdeveloped.)

You may be wondering, “Are these results typical?”

Great question! While I don’t know how Tailwind affects the reach and traffic of other bloggers, I do know that Tailwind has a positive impact on Pinterest engagement levels.

On average, Tailwind users enjoy:

  • 6.9x more repins.

  • 3.7x more followers added.

  • 4.2x more pins published.

That sounds like a recipe for higher traffic to me. (Read more about Tailwind’s typical results here.)

So you can see why I’m so passionate about Tailwind. It’s pretty much the greatest thing that ever happened to my blog.

If you’re struggling to boost your Pinterest reach and blog traffic like I was a couple years ago, I invite you to sign up for a free Tailwind trial and give it a try.

Tailwind takes the time and effort out of Pinterest marketing so you can focus on more important things, like creating amazing new content and products. I honestly don’t know how I would be able to run my business without it.

Have any questions, comments, or feedback? Drop me a note in the comments below!