5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Squarespace Designer

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Squarespace is quickly becoming one of the most popular website-building platforms on the Internet–and for good reason. It’s affordable, secure, and DIY-friendly–so why spend the money to hire a professional Squarespace designer like me?

Building a website is stressful and time-consuming.

Building a website is not easy and it takes a lot of time to create something you can really be proud of. If you love building websites, then go for it, but if web design is outside your comfort zone, the process is just going to stress you out. 

Outsourcing stressful, time-consuming tasks will make more room on your schedule for working on other business-building tasks you actually enjoy doing. And this can actually save you money in the long run by increasing your income faster.

It’s twice as hard to design a website for yourself.

Designing my own website was so much harder than any other web design work I’ve ever done. And this is a common refrain among brand and web designers. I even know of brand designers who hired other brand designers to design their own brands! It’s hard to be objective about your own business and this is where a designer comes in handy.

Working with an unbiased third party can provide clarity and help you avoid costly missteps. Sometimes you just need someone who can tell you, “I understand why you love this really cool design idea but here’s why it’s actually going to lower your ROI.”

A Squarespace designer can do things you can’t.

Unless you’re a CSS whiz or a master of HTML, there are things a professional Squarespace designer can do that you probably can’t. (To give you a small idea, it took over 1,500 lines of code to bring this website to life!) Without those advanced coding skills, it’s going to be hard to achieve that custom “not just another template” look you want to make your website stand out. 

A good designer understands user experience.

Not all Squarespace designers are created equal but the good ones have a deep understanding of user experience and what drives conversions. This is another area where DIY can cost you. If you don’t understand the psychology of website users, you may be losing customers even if your website is drop dead gorgeous.

We know Squarespace inside and out.

Finally, Squarespace designers like me know the platform like the back of our hands. And that in-depth knowledge means we can optimize your website to the fullest extent possible, utilizing all the amazing tools Squarespace has to offer.

If you’re ready to outsource the task of building an amazing, high-converting website for your business, read more about my custom Squarespace design services, check out my portfolio, and schedule a free 30-minute discovery call so we can talk more about your goals.