The Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers + Solopreneurs

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Want to save time, boost productivity, and make your life easier? These powerful Chrome browser extensions will streamline your workflow like nothing else.

I’ve tested every single one of these browser extensions and use many of them on a daily basis!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. When you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase, I receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you). Affiliate links are marked with an asterisk (*).


I’m a big fan of the pen-and-paper to-do list but there are times when it’s more convenient to keep a digital list. is the best list-making tool I’ve ever used. You can also download the iPhone app, which syncs seamlessly with the Chrome extension.

Price: Free. Premium plans come with more advanced features (like automatically recurring tasks) and start at $2.09/month when billed annually.

2) makes it easy to schedule client meetings without ever leaving Gmail. It lets you block out your available time slots and send them to your clients with the click of a button. All the client has to do is select one of the available time slots and will double check to make sure it’s still available. Then, it automatically schedules the appointment on both your Google Calendar and your client’s Google Calendar. It’s particularly great for Wordpress or SHOWIT users who don’t have free access to Acuity Scheduling like Squarespace users do.

Price: 100% free.

3) Full Page Screen Capture

This extension lets you take instant full-page screenshots (not just what’s visible in your browser). Apple’s built-in screenshot software still doesn’t have that feature.

Price: 100% free.

4) Bitly

This extension lets you quickly create, customize, and share Bitly short links.

Price: Free up to 10k links per month. Bitly offers an insanely pricey Enterprise plan to businesses that want branded and unlimited short links.

5) Bookmark Manager

Chrome’s bookmark manager is a little bitch. It’s so bad, I didn’t even use it when I had no good alternative. This extension makes it quick and easy to add, organize, and manage bookmarks.

Price: 100% free.

6) Check My Links

Check My Links

Broken links are terrible for SEO but ferreting them out manually is a pain in the butt. This extension scans web pages for broken links and highlights them in red so you can easily find and fix them.

Pride: 100% free.

7) Evernote Web Clipper

The Evernote Web Clipper lets you save whole articles directly to your Evernote account. I use it for clipping research articles so I can easily find and reference them when it’s time to write related blog posts or develop a course later on.

Price: Free. Evernote has premium plans with advanced features starting at $34.99/year.


This extension lets you easily embed animated GIFs anywhere you want online. Well, almost anywhere. It’s a bit tricky to use with Squarespace but it works like a dream with Gmail!

Price: 100% free.

9) Grammarly


Grammarly scans your writing for grammatical and spelling errors. It’s like having your own personal proofreader. It works on virtually every website and platform except Squarespace.

Price: Free. Grammarly also offers a premium plan* with advanced editing and a plagiarism checker for $11.66/month when billed annually.

10) HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere keeps you safe and secure while browsing the web by automatically sending you to the secure version of any HTTPS-enabled site. This is especially important when you’re entering sensitive personal information like credit card or social security numbers.

Price: 100% free.

11) LastPass

LastPass generates, saves, and autofills login details. Chrome has a built-in password management tool but I trust LastPass more. Just don’t use it with Squarespace or it will automatically password protect your pages and no one will be able to visit your site. (I found out the hard way…😬)

Price: Free. LastPass also offers a premium plan for $2/month, which allows you to share access if you have a team.

12) ListGoal


ListGoal helps you stay focused on meeting your email list-building goals. Every time you open a new tab, it shows you how close you are to meeting your current goal and indicates the health of your list. It also alerts you if something looks wonky with your deliverability and needs to be checked out.

Price: 100% free.

13) Loom

Loom allows you to quickly create video email responses. You can also share your videos on social media or your website. Speaking is a lot faster than typing, so this can dramatically cut down on the time you spend replying to your inbox. Plus, it helps you form a more personal connection with clients and customers.

Price: 100% free.

14) Mailbutler

Mailbutler adds some amazing functionality to Gmail. Here are some of the features it offers:

  • Message Templates - Creating email templates is one of my favorite productivity hacks. Mailbutler lets you save email templates right in your mail program so you don’t have to copy and paste every time you want to use one.

  • Snooze - Snooze a message to make it disappear from your inbox for a little while and reappear when you’re ready to deal with it.

  • Follow-Up - Set a reminder to follow-up on an email if the recipient has not responded within a certain timeframe.

  • Undo Send - Regret sending an email? Retrieve it within 60 seconds of hitting the send button.

  • Unsubscribe - Mailbutler places a prominent unsubscribe button at the top of every email from a mailing list.

  • Email Signatures - Create beautiful custom email signatures.

  • Tracking - Know when someone receives and reads your email.

  • Send Later - Schedule an email to send at a specific time.

...And these are only my favorite features. Mailbutler also has a macOS app, so you can use it with Apple Mail as well.

Price: The free plan has extremely limited functionality and lacks many key features. The Professional plan is £6.50 or about $7.96/month and will meet the needs of most bloggers and solopreneurs.

15) Momentum

Momentum Dash

Momentum helps you stay focused on your daily goals. Whenever you open a new tab, your personalized Momentum dashboard pops up. You can set a daily intention and add items to your to-do list. (I prefer for managing my to-do list.)

Unfortunately, Momentum cannot be used at the same time as ListGoal, as one will always override the other.

Price: Free. You can upgrade to a Plus plan with premium features and customization options for $2.50/month.

16) MozBar

The Moz SEO Toolbar lets you quickly analyze the key metrics of any webpage, including page authority, domain authority, and spam score. I primarily use it to help me decide which sites to link to and when to use the nofollow attribute. I also use it to monitor my own website for search engine ranking factors.

Price: Free. Moz Pro plans have more features that go way beyond the toolbar and start at $99/month.

17) Noisli

Noisli plays soothing ambient noises to help you relax and stay focused while you work.

Price: 100% free.

18) SimilarWeb


SimilarWeb gives you instant insight into any page on any website. It scrapes data like Alexa rank, monthly visits and page views, bounce rate, average time on site, traffic sources, referring sites, audience demographics, keywords, similar sites, and more.

Price: Free. Premium plans with more insights like advanced keyword analysis, mobile engagement, and unique visitors, are available for an undisclosed price.

19) SuperTabs

Working online often means having waaay too many tabs open at the same time. SuperTabs lets you easily view and search your open tabs.

Price: 100% free.

20) Tailwind

You know I loooove Tailwind and the Chrome extension makes it that much better. It lets you quickly select as many images on a page you want and save them to your drafts or schedule them in bulk.

Price: 100% free for Tailwind subscribers. Tailwind offers plans starting at $9.99/month when billed annually. Read more about my experience with Tailwind and sign up for a free trial*.

I’d love to hear about your favorite Chrome extensions and how you use them! Drop me a note in the comments below.