4 Ways Squarespace Will Save You Money

Wondering if you should go with Wordpress or Squarespace? Here are 5 ways Squarespace will save you money. | Squarespace for Beginners | Squarespace for Business | Squarespace for Blogging | Wordpress vs Squarespace | #entrepreneur #squarespace

I see a lot of people on blogs, in Facebook groups, and various other corners of the web recommending Wordpress over Squarespace on the grounds that Wordpress is less expensive. 

While it’s true that Wordpress itself is free, there are some hidden costs you may not know about. Here are 3 ways Squarespace can save you money:

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1. Premium hosting without the premium price.

Security and customer service are the two key qualities of a good web host. Unfortunately, most web hosts utterly fail on the first count and are mediocre at best on the second.

If you have a Wordpress site, the best option for both security and customer service is managed hosting through a company like WP Engine*. But it’s going to cost you at least$35/month.

Squarespace offers the security and quality customer service of a premium web host (not to mention built-in themes and integrations) without the premium price tag. I recommend Squarespace’s business plan to most of my clients, which is just $18/month if paid annually. If you hire me to build your website for you, you’ll get 20% off the cost of your first year!

2. Eliminate the unexpected cost of security breaches.

Speaking of security, a breach can cost you a pretty penny. An old Wordpress website of mine was hacked earlier this year and my web host told me it would cost $200 minimum to hire an outside company to come in and fix it. Furthermore, the cost in revenue was substantial. The hack resulted in my site being blacklisted by Google, my traffic dropped to almost nothing, and all the advertising and affiliate money I had coming in dried up overnight. 

Squarespace is a closed system, so hackers are far less likely to be able to exploit code weaknesses. But in the extremely unlikely event that your site is hacked, the Squarespace support team will have your back. 

3. Plugins are cheaper and you won’t need as many.

With Wordpress, you need a plugin for virtually everything. Most of the plugins you’ll need are free but some of them cost money. In fact, most premium Wordpress plugins cost an annual fee. And trust me, that can add up. 

You may need one or two plugins to perfect your Squarespace site but they’ll likely cost a modest one-time fee. Also, Ghost Plugins offers a host of Squarespace plugins for free, so you might not need to pay anything at all. And if you hire me to design your website, you won’t have to worry about the cost of plugins at all!

4. Squarespace will save you time and time is money. 

Squarespace is such a huge time saver. Read my post, 5 Ways Squarespace Will Save You Time, to learn more about how Squarespace can free up your schedule so you can spend more time doing things that actually increase your income.

I ran a Wordpress site for 8+ years and let me tell you, running a Squarespace site is so much cheaper in the long run.