How to Master Financial Literacy in Your Business (Q&A w/ Carla Titus of Wealth & Worth Within)

Having trouble keeping your business solvent? Check out this informative Q&A with money expert Carla Titus of Wealth & Worth Within! | Small Business Finances | Entrepreneur Finances | Entrepreneur Financial | Business Finance Tips | Business Finance Management | #entrepreneur #smallbusiness

Do you struggle to keep your business solvent? Do you ever feel like you earn just enough to cover your business expenses but never actually pay yourself?

A lot of brilliant entrepreneurs who excel in every other facet of running a business run into trouble managing their finances. Never mind the mental gymnastics required to understand the convoluted tax code, just keeping an accurate balance sheet can seem daunting (not to mention mind-numbingly boring).

I had a chance to sit down with Carla Titus, the virtual CFO, financial consultant, and money wiz behind Wealth & Worth Within, the company she founded to help business owners increase profitability and apply smart money management principles. In the Q&A below, we cover basic financial literacy, the connection between your personal finances and business finances, tools to help you improve your financial situation, and more.


You can learn more about Carla, book a free call with her, and download some of those resources she talked about on her website.